I am most grateful to Allah (SWT) for the opportunity of reading Mal. M. S. Jimada’s Master-pieces which I downloaded from the web.  Reading these books was an eye-opener.

I was so impressed with what I read that I felt compelled to reproduce six hard copies of one of the books titled “Towards A Believer’s Leadership and Service Orientation” and distributed to friends, with the hope that they will enjoy reading it as much as I did. I also made a hard copy of “A leaders’ Companion” to enable me read at pleasure.

The topics dealt with in these books are like sign-posts towards becoming an honest, transparent and reliable leader that any society will cherish.

Part 2 of the first book “Towards a Certificate in Leadership” was presented like a training session. It consists of seven drama-like acts which can be a most welcome refreshing material for Political Science students in any reputable University.

The third book has been presented like a play which took place in an informal class situation with some friends visiting a Sage, a learned personality to whom they presented complex questions to regarding current socio-political reality of our times, which he patiently responded to, with amazing innate wisdom. Other topics were presented as reminders, which should immensely benefit political office holders and public servants as well as those in the private sector.

Another part of this excellently written book treated “Challenges of Democracy to Believers”. This part is highly recommended to our current and up-coming politicians. Political Parties should avail themselves with these books for training of aspirants before entering elective offices. The third chapter discusses poverty, corruption and leadership; in other words, the consequences of poverty which arises from corruption and all of which the writer believes are defined by the nature or characteristics of poverty.

I never understood that the role of a leader, who is a believer or God-fearing is so critically intense until I read these books. The depth at which Mal. Jimada discusses the definition of leadership as it relates to one who regards himself to be a Believer or God-fearing is simply overwhelming insightful.  From what I read, I now realize that most of our leaders just stumble into leadership positions without knowing what it means to be God-fearing leaders, in spite of parading themselves as Believers.

The way Mal. Jimada is able to express his mind makes what he is saying so easy to grasp. He expresses himself with such conviction that brings to mind the picture of a sure-footed hunter seeking out an elusive prey, such that one is confounded by the enlightenment he is able to give. In fact, the way he enlightens people make it seem like he is holding up a mirror for you to see yourself and your actions in plain view, making all your wrong turns visible to you.

Reading these masterpieces of Mal. Jimada is an everlasting experience. I strongly recommend them to anyone seriously in search of enlightenment and to be a true believer in the performance of his services. No one reads his works without having some change within him, which is what education, is all about.

How I wish I have better words to encourage people to find time, in fact to make time, to read even one of the books. I guarantee that when they start, they will not want to put any of the books down until they read it cover to cover; sucking in all the nectar of knowledge within. And they will find the effort expended will be paid a thousand fold. How I wish I had come across these writings much earlier in life, it would have helped me immensely when I was in the public service and in position of leadership.