It is an absolute truth that there will be no need for LEADERSHIP if nothing is wrong and is likely to go wrong.

It is also an absolute reality that we need, want and fancy changes that are improvements or superior to what we already have, CONTINUOUSLY. These are in their numbers, the variety, the types, the forms, and quality.

It is basically rational and sensible that such benefits cover EVERY INDIVIDUAL because men are not made and must not live for the things they need, want, and fancy. These are to be made to serve men. This is why slavery and prostitution are evil because they abuse the integrity of the man.

It is absolutely true that we are all equal for basic entitlements, that are relevant for any historical period because, nobody discussed coming to this world and how it became before coming and any differences are the deliberate commission of those already here, between themselves. It is therefore evil and irresponsible to sharpen negative differences at the detriment of any single person or group.

Orderliness is therefore the responsibility of everyone, according to necessity, opportunity, and organization. It is the necessary responsibility of parents to order their children. It is the greater responsibility of those opportune to be leaders of groups or organizations, formal or informal, to discipline the members or followers. And it is the greatest responsibility of the leader of a nation to ensure that all levels of lower leadership are working well and enabling higher collective safety and prosperity by his leadership.

It is therefore the beginning of evil mislead to assume knowledge or best knowledge of anything, ALONE, AGAINST EITHER EVERYONE OR THE MAJORITY, ALL THE TIME. The only exception to this is to express Divine guidance. The greatest oppression will be to claim such status. The greatest backwardness will be for any person or group to assign such status to anyone. The greatest misfortune that can, therefore, befall a man, group of people is to screw into such livelihood or relationships with false coverings. This is why the only rational and sensible sanction for apostasy is execution. It is worse than anti-state activism.

The beginning of the most harmful leadership is therefore characterized by Arrogance, Blindness, Dumbness, Daftness, or Seclusion in relation to knowledge. Bad leadership is inevitable, where the leader is more ignorant than knowledgeable in what is right for others, beyond himself.

A worse leadership that makes the prospect of assisting him difficult is inevitable, when and where his ability to identify and keep knowledgeable and disciplined associates around him is sheepish.

The worst leadership is therefore characterized by deliberate avoidance, isolation from the knowledgeable and disciplined or aggressive relationship to Alerts, Corrections, Criticisms, and Guidance. These attributes are the best indicators for either incompetence, fear of responsibility, or both.

Leadership is ahead of Management and Administration. A leader who knows what evil corruption is will know and be committed to non-corruptive Management and Managers as well as non-corruptive Administration and Administrators ahead of identifying and chasing thieves. It is therefore a bad setting for a leader of a nation to be competing with lower leaders like parents and worse still to be a failed example of a parent. It is worse for a national leader to be competing with a group leader like party leaders and worse still to be a failed example. The worst setting for an unfortunate society is for the leader to compare oneself with a failed past. This is because the connection with the past is inevitable and the future is more important for making possible by the present.

It is therefore foolhardy for any leader to believe or act in distance or isolation of assistance and criticism. It is also irresponsible of the followers who strongly and positively care, not to assist a leader or its leadership with advice, alert, caution, correction or criticism as a REMINDER for our collective safety and prosperity.
It is therefore the utmost bearing of a leader to be responsible for the drawbacks, stagnation or advancement of the people or members, the resources, and the history of his society.

This education is a responsible necessity because no one and no leader or any cluster of this have the right to delay or waste the prospect of historical prosperity. This is why the windows of resignation and impeachment are provided for self or for assistance by the legislature. This is why God has provided death as an alternate relief or loss.

The absolute justification for this is that every and all men come into this world and are entitled to optimal livelihood for whatever unknown period one will live. It will, therefore, be most wicked and irresponsible of anyone and especially any leader to deliberately tamper with this by arrogance or insensitivity. Responsiveness is Cardinal to Leadership.

In our present Nigeria, this education is even more demanding. As humans, we have a younger generation at the risk of turning destructive, a degenerating young generation, and a difficult-to-understand old generation. This sociology is responsible for the sharp indices and practices in our society, whether in respect of resources and benefits, relationships and discipline or leadership and crises.

Indeed the old generation that should serve as the most rational and sensible bridge for the growth and development of the young generation requires a special or dedicated analysis because its members are inevitably most liable for the general rot in our history. Those of them who are known, given mention, and enjoy the label of being guardians, guides, and models, but are really hypocrites, will require to be exposed for education and general iroved reorientation. They have the atributes of laced inordinate greed for fame and money IRRESPECTIVE of discipline, more than the most corrupt that have been caught, more than the lethally corrupt and ignored, avoided or protected, and worse than the corrupt who may appear to have repented but find it difficult to be believed. They are the tumor of our negative sociology, economy, and politics. They are best at network referencing to ensure the safety of identifying with what is positive and progressive because their objective is to enjoy evil as long as it can last, under the misleading identity of being positive and progressive. They will shy away or avoid continuation with support to the young generation even after initial clear understanding and commitment.

This is the essence of the real unwillingness of such powerful members of this old generation to genuinely RETIRE from active leadership and strengthen GUIDANCE to the young generation.

And the challenge is worsened by the double drawbacks of the young generation characterized by inordinate greed or ambition and impatience or hastiness. The common probable consequence is that the elite or opportune leaders are more likely to fail in building over whatever little achievements on the ground. The benefit of drawing inspiration is more foreclosed than open. The cost on the polity is characterized by frustration, confusion, conflicts, disunity, stagnation, wastage, and degeneration.

This is the build-up of double ingratitude. And any close observations of this sociological trait between individuals, friends, family members, succeeding and preceding leaders of formal and informal organizations will reveal the gravity and mountain of the required psychological-cum-sociological reform. Unfortunately, no amount of structural/organizational change and member replacements can help the situation.

This personal attempt to contribute to this education with the supports I have gotten is an invitation to build on what have been done earlier and those on the same positive course.

However, the requirements will be incomplete without at least dealing with a positive but critical evaluation of the present leader, who has arguably been the most exposed president. He was the most voted. He was the most supported with the benefits of the doubt. He remains the most commented-on across the board of politics, economy, and society.

This is logical and sensible because the ultimate call for our collective safety and prosperity is constitutionally resting in the hands and personality of the president of our country. All and key credits are not his only entitlement but along with whatever drawbacks that are especially neither understandable nor acceptable. For example, it will be irrational not to understand the drawback of getting ill. But this will not apply to unemployment.

This is more so because we have been having leaders and the differences have been replacements. Even previous ones have not earned the credibility to be recognized as good guardians by the successors or to be believed as genuine by the citizens that sincerely care.

This is most so because the present leader was bold enough to authorize a biography of himself in a very good time of his tenure. At the end of the presentation, the most rational and sensible conclusion was that, if it is condoned (because it was time bad) it will require to be updated in the future. Another careful attempt was made by his trustee aides by running a documentary on his personality. And another prominent writer who claimed to have received over a million requests before the launch of his reflections followed.

The best future will be before the expiration of his tenure. This may enable possible positive adjustments to rude challenges and certainly, beneficial for the attention of aspiring leaders and a yardstick for the electorate, political parties, and politicians, for making future practices better.

For example, we now observe with satisfaction that it is foolhardy to wish or promise anything while in the blindness of the state of affairs to be inherited. We have also come to establish that as much as preceding leaders who suddenly become critical even on what they had failed to do, they may not be inherently evil or hateful of the incumbent. And the incumbent may not be foolish in listening to others as against taking instructions or guidance from the predecessors. But the polity will not be helped by total exclusion of the predecessors’ suggestions and feeding fat on the others only. Nigeria belongs to all of us and the shared responsibility for success is for the leader’s selfless and transparent management of the contradictions. This is why for example, the completion of goodly certified abandoned projects is a PLUS.

The materials provided below are intended to contribute to the necessary education towards our collective safety and prosperity. They are intended to serve ALL of us, with those of us who believe in Nigeria, in the lead.


The greatest wrong to oneself and to any other person or people is to lie. The simple reason and sense is that it harms, by misplacement or disorganization, or denial of the truth. It does not matter whether it is wholesome or partial.

God Almighty hates it and thus, those who bear it. He is the absolute truth and denying Him after acknowledging Him attracts not deserving to live, as the right, consistent and fitting sanction.

Good people, sincere people, reliable people that become the best are measurable by the degree of their consistent distance from what are lies. This was what made Mahatma Gandhi stand out and continues to be adored. This was what made Ahmadu Bello acceptable to the different identities of Northern Nigeria.

Indeed even evil people hate and do not spare liars in relation to their codes of life.
Hypocrisy is therefore the first and best target for fighting by all, against any single or collection of bearers.

In Islam, the character of hypocrisy is defined as coloured by either straight negation of the truth, breaking of an undertaking, betrayal of trust or any combination of these. This stands the person as worse than all the people who deny the absolute truth of the unity of Allah, in the deserve of punishment.

Truth is therefore the most beneficial thing to mankind and livelihood. In consequence, everyone and all people should not only pursue what is true but encourage others to be away from what is not. This is because what is true is right, whereas what is a lie is wrong.

And it can apply to persons, relationships, things, or projects. For example, it will be a lie and therefore wrong, for a son to claim to be his own father. This is the justification for making impersonation an offence. It will also be a lie and therefore wrong, for a non-related official to have unhindered access for relating to official matters. If it is wrong to commit official facilities for non-official matters, it is worse to entertain non-officials in official matters, overtly or covertly. It will belie and therefore wrong to assign public works and services by contract to self, associates, or in-laws with any slight disregard to established due process. It will be a lie and therefore wrong to abandon a useful project of priority for a new one because of the craze for initiating one or reservations for the initiator of the priority one.

In the order of seeming or possible truths is the superiority of the absolute and final truth of God the Almighty. This is best expressed in Islam as the unity of Allah. Nothing and no one whatsoever must contradict this unity. And it is lived by total abstinence from whatever Allah has reserved for Himself by prohibition to believers. The best response is therefore defined by whatever is in doubt of permissibility. And the comprehensiveness of this can be appreciated in the requirements for proper canonical prayers, beliefs structure, pilgrimage, fasting, and compulsory charity in worship matters. In livelihood matters, the details for marital affairs, inheritance, business relationships, leadership, etc. are expressly provided. The pervasive requirements for truth across all aspects of life can, therefore, be tied up to the truths established as final by Allah. These will serve as the solid terms for the safety and prosperity of the believers.

In the abuse or neutrality of religious provisions of these truths, men inevitably have to generate them, from time to time, from experience. But they are constantly subject to adjustment, replacement, improvement, and whatever. For example, in a sexual relationship, the law of monogamy opened up the window of laws and conventions of mistresses, single parenting, licensed call girls, sexual toys, sexual orientation, etc. In leadership, there are monarchy, dictatorship, colonialism, communism, democracy, etc.

The implication of this for everyone and all of us is that we must CARE about the truths symbolized, managed, or pursued by our leaders at all levels. These will be between colleagues with a senior, between children and parents, between heads of organizations and the lieutenants, between the leader of society and the followers. If we ignore or fail to do so, it will be our burden to bear. And NO LEADER or SET OF LEADERS can become entitled to or assume the status of personalizing the truths that are to bind us together positively. That will be irresponsive, oppressive, and irresponsible.

Asking must be based on interest or even passion for the collective good. When authorities or their agents do it, it is called Questioning, Probe, Visitation, Investigation, etc. The use of the same words by ordinary citizens in relation to those in authority is termed impolite, rude, insulting, or disrespectful. This is admissible to the extent of the difference in the objective of the authority, which is to go over what has already taken place, for aligning it with what is true and right. But the superiority of asking rests in its civility to possibly save the need to GO OVER, in the future. Therefore, where asking is not alive, the leadership will be foolish to be sure because it cannot be perfect. It will be as backward as a Master-Slave setting where the praises reign blindly. And where asking is disallowed, discouraged, blocked, feared, not answered or those who ask are abused, LIES, WRONGS, and INDISCIPLINE will take over. This is inevitable because the leader is always the preferred beneficiary of asking, as a reminder, a guide, or an invitation to clarify. Where, when, and if a leader turns aside or away from being asked, he becomes an ingrate to the led.

The materials that are hereby provided are therefore intended to contribute to ASKING within the framework of LEADERSHIP FOR NIGERIA. The objective is to strengthen our BINDING TOGETHER irrespective of the colour of leadership appearance. For example, zoning or no zoning is a lie solution, because it is only a colour application. This is because there is no zone that can not provide responsible leadership IF THE BELIEF IN NIGERIA is the truth and passion for collective safety and prosperity. And no zone can succeed in providing leadership where the colour covering matters more than the true essence of our collective safety and prosperity. This is why and how zoning should become inconsequential. And the indicator of our failed reference is the results of our implementation of the principles and practices of federal character.

Happy Reading.
Happy Sharing.


Foreword by Ahmed Joda 


What is evident in the Nigerian political realities from the very beginning is that we never permitted the emergence of a common Nigerian Leadership or any one Leader.

The first Prime Minister of Nigeria and, therefore, the leader of Government, Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa, was not the leader of his ruling party. He was Deputy Leader of the majority leader in Parliament. The Party Leader, Sir Ahmadu Bello preferred to be the Premier of his Region. Therefore, Balewa was not seen as truly the leader of the nation, Nigeria.

Nigerians, therefore, did not fully recognize the leadership of Balewa. They saw Ahmadu Bello as the power behind the Throne, a situation that was not really healthy for the Nigerian polity.

The Coups and Counter Coups that followed raised the sensitivities of the various powerful ethnic groups of Nigeria. Most Nigerians seem to think that the solution to the leadership question is a rotation of the Presidency between the North and the South as if there exist clear political, ethnic, and religious boundary lines between the North and the South.

Those who believe in this seem to ignore the fact that the dividing line between the Old Eastern Nigeria and Western Nigeria is much thicker and sharper than that between Southern Nigeria and Northern Nigeria.

The choice of leaders and representatives should be the choice of the people at the grassroots. Until and unless our political parties allow internal party democracy to determine policies and actions, the right leaderships cannot come forward.

For a true and credible leadership to emerge, the platform which incubates and projects them must be a principled and able one, to deserve the respect and trust of the followership.

The Leadership Question that this book tries to address is important. We should take it seriously. We should address it frontally, because it is important that we have good and credible leadership that sees Nigeria as one in which all share the same obligations and the same rewards.

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Foreword by Abdulkadir Balarabe Musa


The author has effectively captured the major and pervasive challenge of indiscipline we are all roped into. The political party members, the leadership, the elected and appointed leaders. But more disturbing is the discipline of the electorate. And he has even within this mess revealed the corruption of the elite class that continues to be a parasite on the resources belonging to all of us, by gross indiscipline.

The price of this includes the ruling party and government not doing its best when left alone; the government and ruling party not taking advantage of inputs from the opposition; the opposition not always committed to making positive contributions but aiming to bring the government down and the electorate are either confused, frustrated or helpless.

Muhammad Sa’idu Jimada has reduced the causes of all the problems to the ignorance that is peculiar to the leader, the type of ignorance that applies to the elite, the ignorance that should not be, of the political parties and the type of ignorance by the electorate.

Logically, the solution lies in corresponding shades of education. And I believe that this book should be read, understood, discussed and acted upon by every leader, every politician, every worker, every student, if we choose to be open-minded to moving forward.

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But today, if Buhari is to go to the polls again, most Nigerians will genuinely be in a dilemma even though he cannot personally be pinned as a thief or denied as not better in projects offerings. And the simple truth is that the basic conditions of most Nigerians is worse. The masses enjoyed his probing of especially big thieves for some time. But it was only entertaining. They have turned to ask for the benefits of the recoveries. The powerful felt embarrassed and turned against him in self-defence.

The personal reverses include not being accessible, not taking advice from those who succeed in having access, not open to new people, stopped being explanatory and connecting to the feelings of Nigerians.

If the best can turn this problematic, burdensome and escapist, our next consideration will not be responsible if we do not care to evaluate beyond personal fair credentials.

To begin with, it is necessary to firstly appreciate that we are in this political trap because of pervasive political ignorance and the political parties have either deliberately or ignorantly failed in this necessary education, for themselves and all of us. No one can give what he does not have. But because living is a continuous process, we can start this lately (no matter how poorly) and build up to near perfection or satisfactory level.

This is what Ahmed Bola Tinubu must know, be reminded, be supported, be kept in commitment, for our genuine leadership and governance. Any other path is illusionary, insufficient, deceitful and will only compound our confusion, frustrations, conflicts and servitude to others.

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Buhari is personally thorough in getting things certified for himself. He can go extra miles in investigating, even with standing available positive reports. He can be so dogged to the faulty point of repetitive checks by different agents that, they will discover each other. The continuous damaging reference to Jonathan and the Peoples Democratic Party’s misdeeds, up to the middle of his second term, is a fair pointer to this.

In the end, valuable supporters of Buhari for his governance withdrew to save their integrity. Those who have to remain with him saved themselves from alerting or advising him for positive adjustments. Indeed, he closed his mind, his sight and hearing to positive alerts and advice, that cross over his aides and associates who inhibit his access to guidance. Buhari who started with hundreds of millions is leaving really alone, along with the immeasurable pains, disgust and disappointment of more millions. In addition, he has disoriented millions of the mis-think that, no other leader is likely to succeed, because he was the best individual with the best opportunity and all necessary facilities at his disposal.

It is my candid submission that Buhari got his IDENTITY CRISIS revealed by the challenges of leadership and governance. He did not really KNOW who he is. He did not UNDERSTAND the required relationship between who he is and the mandate he asked for and was given. He couldn’t have therefore LIVED a consistent and predictable IDENTITY, which he can be measured by. The polity was not different. The citizens neither knew themselves nor Buhari. The choice of Buhari was therefore really a chanced gamble, that appeared fine. It is worse than mistaking a snake for a fish. However, unlike the citizens, the singular misfortune of Buhari is that, his ignorance is not an admissible excuse, because he was provided with more than enough, to LEARN, UNDERSTAND AND LIVE for the purpose he was given the mandate. This is more so, because he enjoyed two terms.

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In the discipline of protecting and enhancing our identity, leadership, management, operations and governance will require to LOOK INWARDS FIRST. Independence negates looking out first, because every conscious identity and disciplined society, seeks and even strives to promote its identity, deliberately or inevitably. For example, you cannot ask for loans from International Monetary Fund of the United States, in Naira. Consequently, you will have to spend it in their currency. It is therefore foolhardy to, expect to develop and meet the challenges of housing in Nigeria strictly and wholly, by the instruments and processes that conform to the United States or United Kingdom. Thus, unlike the careless commitments that trapped the Buhari solution to housing, Tinubu will require to think and work out of that box.

Similarly, only our identity knowledge, consciousness and discipline can enable our evaluation of whatever we may find attractive, to entertain or admit. Not everything and everyone will be admitted. A good example was demonstrated by Goodluck Jonathan, who signed the law against same sex marriage, in the protection of our collective identity. In the case of Buhari, a Prime Minister of the United Kingdom requested him to consider the rights of gays and lesbians. Buhari did not say that he heard her. But because of our identity bankruptcy gays and lesbians are not just increasing, they are growing into interest groups.

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The worst expression of our frustration and confusion is driven by the ignorance of the meanings and limits of the institutions, structures and processes, in themselves for the men that man and run them. These are the fools that submit that institutions or structures or processes can guarantee changes in their impact. The federal system has failed, the states have failed more than succeeded, we should therefore have more states or reverse to regions or split the country into more countries, for a difference by the same people. Those who are no less ignorant and foolish harp on institutions building. But both are missing the yolk of the challenge. The human beings, the men, the operators, the workers. What has become nationally different, with the refocus on the so called human capital development?

The point is that while these are witnessed to be working in admired societies, they are not giving close to the required satisfaction they are meant to give, in Nigeria. It is even more concerning, using the example of Nigeria Police Service. The members always perform very much above board when on foreign missions. They return with medals. But their reputation in contributing their part to realizing our collective safety and prosperity is very low. We even got to an insane state of considering the abolition of the service. But after a better realization of the madness, we are adjusting to state police structure.

It will be laughable to suggest that it is better to have a Muslim or Christian leadership. After all, we have no much choice to opt out. And that is the beginning of our challenge. We are genuinely afraid or ashamed of our identity because we are either really bankrupt in its knowledge or bankrupt in the discipline, which is really more dangerous because it will be a hypocritical display of the identity. And we are both witnesses and victims of the real hypocrisy because Muslims and Christians have been leading us, to where they do not know. Not even members of the most institutionalized and structured Roman Catholic Church have saved us.

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Muslims and Christians have been specifically more responsible for our collective suffering and undoing, even though they have the best tested standards for the realization of our collective peace and prosperity, through unity and faith. The beginning of our patriotism is therefore to accept that it is a big shame on us, more than the others. For Muslims, it is most regrettable because we possess the complete and final guidance that can enable us to be the best model for mankind.

Take our educational system. That Muslims and Christians have special institutions from Nursery to University levels, should have ignited a light in our tunnel of crisis, frustration and confusion. But it is not helpful because they are not alive responsibly. Take most of our disciplines or courses, we are in the same trap. For example, with the Professors, Doctors, Masters of Political Science and the Associations, why are we in the present political quagmire? What is the meaning of having Senior Advocates of Nigeria in Law, and establishing the winner of a presidential election will take months of gamble? Do the members of the Bench train in different laws? In both cases, it is simply the bankruptcy in identity knowledge, consciousness and discipline that drives them. This is why their services to Nigeria have not been of increasing positive impact. It is therefore more unfortunate, disgraceful, embarrassing and shameful to have a Muslim or Christian who has excelled in any of these fields, while Nigeria remains in the present state of backwardness.

When you apply this state of identity bankruptcy and crisis to leadership, it is easier to appreciate our hollowness and the magnitude of our challenges or be hopeless. We are now witnesses to the impact of Muhammadu Buhari eight years of achievements. The angel of death to corruption failed woefully to make enough positive impact to warrant booing and stoning in his home state and political strong base, Kano, at the end of his tenure. It is on this worse than Peoples Democratic Party Leadership foundation that Ahmed Bola Tinubu is dreaming of making a difficult to discern difference. This is because Buhari was not driven by his identity to serve Nigeria. While Tinubu is not different, he has boldly ignored the attribute of corruption taint and exposed corrupt persons in forming his team.

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Islam is based on knowledge and the practice of it, consistent with the Qur’an and Sunnah. It is worse off, to be a leader, a Shepard, like a Parent, Teacher, Manager, Officer, Amir, Sheikh, Imam, Mufti, Director, Councillor, Emir, Chief, Sultan, Governor, President or whatever, without this knowledge of Guidance and Living it. And the best indicator will be that their mention, presence, representation and the expectation of them will FIRSTLY AND FIRMLY, be according to Islam. Not their residence, not their regalia, not their lineage, not their language, not their race, not where they come from, not their material worth, not their titles, not their gestures, not the influence or power they command. Any other thing will be a diversion, a corruption. The power, authority, influence or command must be of his discipline in Islam.

When the political trappings of our democracy props up a leader who is a Muslim but more bankrupt in the knowledge and discipline of the Guidance, you can only reap more complex confusion. He will be confused. The citizens, including the Muslims will be confused. This is because the sincere will be kept away. The hypocrites will be kept close. The driving will neither be the expectations of Allah, His Messenger nor Citizens of Nigeria. The greater failures will continually be covered by scholars who specialize in praising him, for their benefits.

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None of the two scriptures prescribes gangsterism for its adherents. The rational and sensible implication of this is that no breach between the two parties can responsibly go beyond WHAT A SCOLDING BY A LEADER FROM EITHER PARTY WILL NOT RESOLVE. The Muslim party will be able to submit to the immediate intervention by a Christian leader, just like the Christian party will be able to submit to the immediate intervention by a Muslim leader. And absolute possibility as well as the reliability of this responsible relationship is that, once the knowledge that requires the discipline of one part is clear, the wrong party will be revealed. Where the wrong party still believes that he is right and the intervening leader is partial or ignorant of his right, a higher authority that is nearest can be approached. This person can still be of the identity of the party considered as right. This is because the two scriptures do not prescribe enmity of or to the other.

While it is still possible to have the wrong party claiming to have been wronged, it is easy to then invite or involve a leader of the wrong party along with the higher leader that has been disagreed with. Indeed, beyond these, formal authorities can be engaged. None of these levels of resolution requires another structure or institution or literature to save all of us from religious miscreants and rascals, against our religion, society and constitution.

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Tinubu failed or deliberately refused to appreciate that the Buhari infrastructure and statistical achievements didn’t make better livelihood impact on the citizens and threaded the very same path. This exclusion of what is sensibly right from what is logically right is bad governance. This is why more taxes, more loans for more infrastructure will not serve his responsibility. The primary purpose of his engagement is the welfare of Nigerians, the people. The unfolding values of the strides of Nasiru governance in Kaduna is good food for thought.

The most embarrassing outing Nigerians have discovered in the hands of the president, is his personal admission to have removed the evil fuel subsidy, based on an “uncommon courage” as against knowledge and understanding of the relationship of the consequences to his primary responsibility. Governance cannot be by instinct. His seeming responsive holding on cyber security tax and possible reversion of hiked electricity tariffs can therefore not be impressive. The principal mishap is the courage of removing the fuel subsidy not based on any evaluation.

And the greatest abuse of governance effect is resolving the labour crisis with additional income, as if it will be a favour … Let it be clear that the increase has to fairly reflect the present costs parameters … The president would have been taught that in real economy, the production of goods comes first. They dictate the services that should support them. And even with goods, foods and drinks come first. This rational relational order is the only responsible basis for taxation. This is governance, in a developing country.

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The naive among Muslims and Christians expect that a wholly Islamic or wholly Christian solution is the answer. But this is the outcome of the corruption and confusion impact. In the first place, it is both irrational and senseless to go for the whole when the benefits of the parts are not on the ground. The second is that no informed member can submit that livelihood is only possible to be right with either wholeness. God who created all and cares for all has only invited to Himself, leaving those who refuse to answer for themselves. The one achievement of our society is the retention of this principle by the provision of the right to belong to the platform of one’s choice.

If Muslims, the platform I identify with and belong to, will be responsive at all levels of leadership WITHIN THE LIMITS PERMISSIBLE by our constitution, according to these reminders, a good proportion of our challenges will be crushed. And with Christians who do NOT DIFFER in these tenets, WE will undoubtedly make our democracy, our culture and history reform positively for our collective safety and prosperity. While it is true that God is the One Supreme, believers are to strive in ensuring that our self-made constitution permits for the safety and prosperity of ALL, WITHOUT entrenching the abuse of the limits set by God as an EXPRESS STANDARD.

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A Memorandum Submitted by Muhammad Sa’idu Jimada to the Senate Constitution Review Committee


We do not genuinely, sincerely, consciously and consistently have a COMMON REFERENCE POINT, for defining our problems and the suitable solutions that will serve us.

In our legal and respectful setting, the principles and practices that will bond us together must admit our most critical identities. In our case, it is religion. And it is neither harmful nor obstructive to the safety and prosperity of others who either do not have one, have a limited or underdeveloped one.

The summary implication of this culture of confusion and unpredictability is that, whatever we are able to achieve is a matter of chance or gamble, NO MATTER THE AMOUNT OF PLANS AND COMMITMENT we invest in our nationhood. This is bad enough to check continuing.

Take the theme of gender equality for women and girls. It is as diversionary as either the equality between men and women or the old and youths. Has the law of not too young enabled any youths who could not pick up the form for contesting and being accepted by a political party, to become a flag bearers of the All Progressives Congress or Peoples Democratic Party? But were they denied in all parties? Didn’t we have a woman flag bearer? The same applies to this polemic theme. Are girls of nineteen not having franchise? If the motive is to bar a ‘girlfriend’ from political appointment it is not our priority. It will only provide business for lawyers and collapse. An adult will be a woman, whether married or not.

The principle of THIEVES MUST BE MADE TO ANSWER is less impressive than NOT ALLOWING STEALING TO BE ATTRACTIVE, even if questionable former Chiefs of Army Staff and Heads of State or Presidents are covered. This is because stealing is always an evil and constantly being monitored for checking even in good and organized systems.

Every Nigerian has a stake in the safety and prosperity of himself and all other Nigerians. This can be enabled by proper education, devoid of manipulation by religious rascals. This is because religion is the widest and the possible positive identity for ensuring discipline. It will be double security for our nationhood.

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A Literal Recast Of Jimada’s 4: The Piety Of A Leader And His Consciousness To Governance

By Dr Amina Lami Abdullahi

The author efficiently and effectively captured the major pervasive challenge of indiscipline we are all roped into. The believers, the political party members, the leadership, the elected and appointed leaders are provided useful insight into some likely scenarios and offers helpful suggestions on suitable ways for managing situations.   

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Leadership Treatise

By Abdullahi Ahmadu Imam

I never understood that the role of a leader, who is a believer or God-fearing is so critically intense until I read these books. The depth at which Mal. Jimada discusses the definition of leadership as it relates to one who regards himself to be a Believer or God-fearing is simply overwhelming insightful.  From what I read, I now realize that most of our leaders just stumble into leadership positions without knowing what it means to be God-fearing leaders, in spite of parading themselves as Believers.

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Appreciating The Definitions And Invitations By Jimada

By Suleiman Muhammad

This book is a catalogue or picture of our recent past with regards to our GOVERNANCE. I would not go into the details because the author had done that in his reflections. He enumerated what we have done right and where we are found wanting. Mention is made of all the roles played by the dramatists concerned in both positive and negative terms. The book based the assessment from the inception of the APC government beginning May 2015 to date. 

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The real gap, incapacity or failure is in our Admitting, Understanding and Commitment to ours. It is this unfortunate status that is responsible for the disconnect between our efforts in democracy, leadership, development and the results we get. And to worsen the situation, we do not keep educating ourselves and milling the younger generations through it, because of these weak or negative attributes.

Every Nigerian is entitled to basic living needs, wants and fancies, irrespective of language and location. And our provision is that NO individual or group must be left out. This is the only benefit and security of giving the state a superior status in economic affairs. Individuals, families and groups or associations cannot be entrusted with this. This is because everyone has access and must not be denied in participating in our collective affairs. The twin requirements that will be sufficient to ask to be part of it is to be a Nigerian. And if you have the knowledge and skills for state responsibility, you stand the chance of being entrusted with it. And the greater role of asking, demanding and supporting, by guiding, protesting or criticizing rests with the others.

This provision and standard REQUIRES that every citizen who is a Christian or Muslim, be so, consistently, on their own and in relation to others. This WARRANTS that Christians and non-Christians support Muslims to remain, continue and be better Muslims. And if any Muslim or Muslims attempt to be a bad or wrong Muslim, they should be CHECKED. This can be by Questioning, Exposure, Reporting, Reminder, Correction, Resisting. The very same will apply to Christians by Muslims and others – ON SECULAR MATTERS.

This relationship does not empower interfering with canonical practices. A non-believer has no business with the prayer or non-prayer lifestyle or livelihood of believers. But a non-believer absolutely has responsibility of questioning a believer who is asking for the service of blow job, alcohol in room service etc. This responsibility is higher, where a believer applies to work in a brewery of alcoholic drink or establishing a club or gambling outfit. And such customers should be reported. The responsibility is highest and not to be tolerated, on national affairs. A believer who is found to approach any related great sins must be helped and sanctioned appropriately where it is committed. This is why and how the Shari’ah and the judicial structure are to be positive benefits of both Muslims and non-Muslims.

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It is absurd, contradictory for any Muslim or Christian to champion any course on the basis of Language, Religion or Geography TO ACHIEVE ANY NATIONAL OR COMMON OBJECTIVES RESPONSIBLY, because the National platform is in protection of these ACROSS BORDERS OF SPECIFIC DIFFERENCES. Where and when this happens, it is the evidence of either ignorance, hypocrisy or confusion, that is dangerous for our unity, our safety and prosperity.

Therefore between us and for our immediate livelihood, our collective safety and prosperity must be built by a form of togetherness that is SAFE for ALL OF US, BY PROTECTING OUR DIFFERENCES BUT NEITHER ABUSING OUR SPECIFIC IDENTITIES NOR IMPOSING ANY ON ANYONE. Thus, it shall be legal for all of us to produce and eat yams or potatoes, rice or stock fish. Those who eat pork will be free to farm it and eat BUT must avoid making it available to those who are prohibited from taking it. That is freedom and protecting the identity of difference.

Hence it is daft and irresponsible to suggest that either religion is a problem in Nigeria’s constitutional setting or that abandoning religion is a strategic solution to our common challenges. Those who have nothing to protect have nothing to lose and are unsuitable as guides to those who have something to protect. Their leadership is worse than that of the blind because they cannot even feel any path.

The majority of us who are either Muslims or Christians are worse than being double-faced. We are grossly ignorant of the requirements of our identities for ourselves and in relation to others. We are as uninformed about our scripture as we are of our constitution or National Anthem. If you are ignorant about whatever you claim, your practice will be quack and destructive.

The attractive societies do not see themselves as critically religious because religion is secondary or personal affairs in the democracies or out rightly reactionary in the communist societies. Thus the mention of God in the statutes or constitution or laws is merely exclamatory or a formal routine on the path of being effectively removed as soon as bold and sincere disbelievers grow and take over. This was why Trump looked up to Easter, to look up to God in the skies because of corona virus challenges. China didn’t need to do so, because it is meaningless. However in addition to the medical care Buhari was going through, didn’t we pray in loads? Was it not the Bishop of Canterbury that pronounced that his recovery was a proof of the hands of God? That is our closeness with the real identity of the Church of England. But WHO CAN ANSWER THE QUESTION: How godly is Buhari in governing us or godly has he been, since this special intervention or favour? Not even Buhari can answer the question. This is because it is false, pretence, hypocrisy and confusion that is ruling us.

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He lived and died as a Muslim. Those who are Muslims should know and trust that there is no connection between being a Muslim and being evil, either by grave selfishness, nepotism, or hypocrisy. He attracted people regardless of their beliefs and they could confide in him.

Access to him was not restricted by either self, appointed rascals, his aides or his family members. The very first time I asked someone for his residence, he said, his house was at the bend on the street and the gate is a simple barricade and the property is visible from outside. When I got to the house I found the gate wide opened. I greeted some people in a house across the road with the intent of finding someone to usher me in. One of them shouted: Just enter and head to the living room. This is Islam.

He was almost unreasonably plain and accessible. And this was what enabled me tap some good of him during the few months I met him, while battling with his health. His discipline was such that, at over eighty years, in his frail state of health, he welcomed me and consented to writing a Foreword to my REFLECTIONS ON ONE TERM OF GOVERNANCE FOR POLITICAL REORIENTATION.

He was personally knowledgeable and made evident effort to live it. He was therefore not personally empty for anything to just get admitted without evaluation. And he was QUICKLY admissive of corrections, as he was firm on his beliefs and understanding.

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The root justification for initiating the new law is the standard culture of the wanton abuse of double trust by the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC). The attempts of creating other structures like the Joint Ventures, the Oil Minerals Producing Areas Development Commission (OMPADEC), the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) and the Ministry for Niger Delta are like concessional responses to indisputable harms done to Nigerians in the environment of this businesses. The question that arises is, OF WHAT VALUE ARE THESE IF THE STANDARD CULTURE OF WANTON ABUSE OF TRUST IS NOT CHECKED? Indeed, the history of the NDDC has not just been checkered by the same culture but RULED by it. And the Ministry has only been coordinating this.

BUT, why has it taken two decades to be defining the real challenges on the ground? What logic and sense will be admissible to explain or justify twenty years of failure in defining these and a new ability to do this? Is it the lie of the real challenges that require to be concocted? Are the submissions in Hebrew, Latin or Arabic? Have the parties to enable this been in comma or epileptic? What number of times, quality of attention and responsible justifications for adjournments can qualify the failure for responsive and responsible processing of the definitions, during the twenty years?

This Committee should for that reason know that this wrack of leadership crisis and corruption is really only a fertile portion of the greater consistent and increasing failure of the executive arm across the government machineries in the country. Patriotism is not a suitable flag or banner for anyone to fly because everyone is really in it or every key member.

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Introduction by Imran Muhammad

The British colonial rule lasted about 60 years (1900 to 1960). 60 to 61 years after independence, we are far below average in terms of development given available capabilities and resources compared to those available to the colonial masters. Take the railways for instance. We should be using electric locomotives built in Nigeria by Nigerians in 2021 not struggling to construct standard gauge lines. In other words, our developmental strides are slower than expected. The problem is that our governance is not driven by common belief, understanding and commitment to our unity and oneness. Corruption, personal or family aggrandisement, ethnic pre-eminence, religious zealotry and regional frenzy have turned our national anthem and pledge to nursery rhymes. The solution is to develop, institutionalise and inculcate the virtues of Nigerian Dream and Nigeria First in all and sundry.  

The first and second parts of this compilation are Jimada’s outburst on the occasion of Nigeria at 60 and 61 respectively. The third part epitomizes an imaginary parley of Jimada with the 2023 presidential candidate of Nigeria along with a follow-up letter to the candidate to reiterate the issues discussed. It summarizes his views of an ideal leadership for Nigeria.

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